Opens Sat., April 22
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest

Marvel as colorful butterflies break free of their chrysalises to soar and glide among the blooms.

Like flowers that fly, butterflies bring color and motion to the beautiful glasshouse environs of our Stove Room. A family favorite, Butterfly Forest enchants visitors of all ages while showcasing the delicate life cycle of some of nature’s most important pollinators and their favorite aromatic blooms.

Look out for yellow and black striped zebra longwings, orange and black western Pennsylvania monarchs and many other species as you explore the garden. If you're lucky, one of these beauties might even land on your shoulder!

Species to Watch For:

  • black swallowtail
  • buckeye
  • cloudless sulphur
  • Florida malachite
  • great southern white
  • Gulf fritillary
  • Julia longwing
  • monarch
  • orange barred sulphur
  • painted lady
  • pipevine swallowtail
  • Polydamas swallowtail
  • queen
  • question mark
  • red admiral
  • red-spotted purple
  • southern white
  • spicebush swallowtail
  • tiger swallowtail
  • white peacock
  • zebra longwing

Photos © Paul g. Wiegman

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