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Phipps + Sustainability = Project Green Heart

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens launched Project Green Heart to inform and inspire others to adopt a more sustainable relationship to the environment.

Green Heart at Phipps

At Phipps
Sustainable Gardens

Read how Phipps became one of the world's most energy efficient and sustainable conservatories, and how lessons learned in greening our greenhouses can be applied elsewhere to save the planet.

Green Heart Resources

At Home
Greener Living

Find resources for every aspect of "greener" living, from sustainable gardening to working with a Phipps certified green landscape professional.


Botany in Action

In the Field
Botany in Action

Discover how Phipps' "Botany in Action" program and other efforts support the basic science and field research that points the way to a more sustainable connection to our land and Earth's living ecosystem.