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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Dr. Phipps' Greenline

Got a question about your perennials, annuals, house plants, or turf grass? Worried about pests in the garden, hydrangeas that won't bloom, or tomatoes that died on the vine?

Dr. Phipps can help!

Dr. Phipps Greenline

Dr. Phipps' GreenLine is a free service and answers are provided by Phipps Master Gardeners. For gardening questions, contact us through the Dr. Phipps GreenLine email form below or by calling the Dr. Phipps GreenLine anytime at (412) 665-2364.

When leaving a voice message on the GreenLine, please speak slowly and clearly and leave your name, number, and brief description of your gardening question. One of our Master Gardeners will return your call within a week.

While you're at Phipps Garden Center, check out our horticulture library - one of the largest collections in the area. Members enjoy borrowing privileges at the library; non-members can browse and use books on-site.

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