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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Production Greenhouses

Computer-controlled temperature, light and humidity levels create 16 different growing environments.

Production greenhouses at Phipps

State-of-the-Art Open-Roof System

When Phipps started the construction of the greenhouses we selected an open-roof system that eliminated the need for mechanical ventilation. We then looked for opportunities to improve energy efficiency in the greenhouses, adjacent headhouse and horticulture offices such as incorporating multiple layers of energy blankets in the glasshouses, using photo and occupancy sensors for lighting and upgrading the mechanical equipment to the highest efficiencies available.

Our production greenhouses, which opened in 2006, boast 36,000 square feet of energy-efficient growing space. The temperature, light levels and humidity are Argus computer controlled, allowing the production staff to maintain 16 different growing environments within the eight ranges.

These updated greenhouses created an opportunity to grow a wider variety of plants than was possible in our previous facilities.

A quarantine area was added to hold new plants to ensure that they are pest- and disease-free before being introduced to the existing gardens.

Earning LEED® for Existing Buildings Platinum, the highest LEED® rating achievable, in June 2012, the greenhouses are now the first in the world to have received this certification.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency
  • LEED-EBOM Platinum certified, the first greenhouse to achieve LEED certification
  • State of the art open-roof design allows temperature and ventilation control
  • Anticipatory computer controlled weather and temperature reacting system by Argus Controls
  • Open roof allows escape of hot air so that in warmer months, interior air stays cooler than exterior air
  • Heated through economical radiant floor heating system

Energy Blankets and Shade Cloths

Energy blankets
  • Energy blankets prevent convective and radiant heat loss
  • Shade cloths respond to the natural sunlight and cloud cover
  • Guided electronically by weather station link and Argus

Water Filtration and Efficiency

Water filtration
  • Reverse osmosis system filters water, balances pH levels and reduces fluoride
  • Future plans include water capture and reuse for greenhouse irrigation