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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

School, Outreach & Teacher Programs

Phipps offers a variety of onsite and offsite programs for formal and informal education groups that provide students with multi-disciplinary lessons that align with state standards, reach across the curriculum, and use botany and ecology to inspire learning.

Field Trip Classes


Phipps offers students the opportunity to learn about the importance of plants in our lives through hands-on experiments, all while experiencing the beautiful biomes of our greenhouses. All field trip programs meet state guidelines in the areas of Environment & Ecology, Geography, and Science & Technology.


Education Tours

Group tours are a great way to supplement all Phipps' classes. You may choose an hour-long docent-led tour or a self-guided tour. On docent-led tours, trained volunteers share a wealth of knowledge about the history of Phipps and its seasonal displays, while self-guided tours allow visitors to move at their own pace through the Conservatory.

Borrowing Bins

Borrowing Bins

Borrowing Bins, available for check-out by teachers and other formal and informal education group leaders, include lesson plans, props and example activities for use in formal and informal classroom settings. Each borrowing bin can stand alone as a lesson or act as a supplement to the curriculum.

School & Youth Outreach

School and Youth Outreach

The Fairchild Challenge At Phipps, a free offsite outreach program for area middle and high schools to participate in throughout the academic year, offers unique ways to meet state standards across the curriculum while competing for prizes and using the environment as an integrated context for learning. The onsite summer internship program for under-resourced high school age youth exposes participants to careers in environmental science, horticulture, photography and community improvement.

Teacher Continuing Education

Phipps is an approved Act 48 Continuing Professional Education credit provider. However, Phipps is currently re-assessing its programs for teachers and is not offering classes for Act 48 credit.