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Middle & High School Programs

Phipps' middle and high school program, The Fairchild Challenge offers unique ways to meet state academic standards across the curriculum while using the environment as an integrated context for learning. Building on these classroom experiences, the High School Internship Program provides real world experiences in the fields of plant and environmental sciences.

The Fairchild Challenge

The Fairchild Challenge

Area high school and middle school teachers and students are increasing environmental awareness in their classrooms, schools and communities through multi-disciplinary environmental challenges designed to involve a broad range of students with varying interests and abilities.

Summer Internship for High School Students


Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers a six-week paid internship for highly motivated high school students who are interested in plants, science, and the environment, and also come from low-income communities. This "Learning for a Greener Future" internship provides a unique combination of exposure to science, horticulture, ecology, healthy living, and photography, as well as the opportunity to work with professionals in each of these career fields.


We currently offer classes for middle school students that meet state academic standards. Class topics include composting, tropical rainforest products, carnivorous plants, deserts, soil science and world biomes.