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Capital Campaign 2008-2009

Pittsburgh has quickly become a nationally recognized center for sustainable development and green building. In our ongoing expansion, and in daily programming and operations, Phipps Conservatory helps to lead the change.

Phase three of the expansion plan calls for the construction of a building of international significance, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes. The new building itself will be a classroom and demonstration site for schools and the public, and will help drive innovation in the region.

This "Living Building" will generate all of its energy from renewable sources and capture and treat all water used. This project will greatly advance the Pittsburgh region's leadership in green construction, operation and technology.

Just as people still talk and write about the first LEED® Platinum building [Chesapeake Bay Foundation headquarters] that was erected seven years ago, Pittsburgh's Living Building will be the touchstone for "green" for many years into the future.

Having a Living Building in Pittsburgh will help support the state's protocol for the green industry sector and the growth of affiliated industries – high-tech, research, and other "knowledge economy" initiatives - which are important job engines in our region and state.

If Pittsburgh is able to erect the world's greenest building, this success will be a great legacy and possibly add full-time research and affiliated jobs at Phipps and new indirect jobs in the wider community.

Your help is appreciated.

Phipps Donor Office

For more information, contact the donor office now at 412-441-4442 x3701 or visit our Planned Giving website. Thanks for your support.