Phipps recommends:
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Pre-School through 4th Grade
(Adaptable Programs)

Tropical Pursuit [2nd-8th]

The classroom is a giant board game and your goal is to be the first team to reach the finish line. Your team earns points by identifying items that come from tropical rainforest plants.

2nd Grade: 4.3.2.B, 4.4.2.A, 4.5.2.A
3rd Grade: 4.3.3.A, 4.5.3.A
4th Grade: S4.A.3.1.4, S4.B.3.3.1, S4.B.3.3.2

Worms: Our Composting Friends [PreK-5]

Meet our worms! Students will get to conduct a hands-on investigation to find out how a worm lives, eats, and moves. Using a worm composting unit, the class will explore the ingredients that make up a worm’s home, and the healthy soil that they create!

PreK: 3.1a.5, 3.1a.8, 3.1a.9, 3.3a.2, 3.4c.1
Kindergarten: 3.1a.5, 3.1a.9, 3.3a.1 E&E 4.2.4.A,
E&E 4.2.4.B, E&E 4.2.4.D, E&E 4.3.4.A, E&E 4.3.4.C, E&E 4.6.4.A
S&T 3.1.3-4.A2, 3.1.4.A5, 3.3.3.A1

Butterflies [K-5th]

Come to Phipps to learn about caterpillars and butterflies! Moving through the lifecycle from egg to butterfly, this class will explore anatomy, metamorphosis, and the amazing ways that butterflies protect themselves from predators.

Kindergarten: 3.1a.1, 3.1a.3, 3.1a.5, 4.6 E&E 4.6.4.A, E&E 4.7.4.A, E&E 4.7.4.B S&T 3.1.3-4.A2, S&T 3.1.3-4.A3, S&T 3.1.3-4.C2

Habitats [K-5th]

Solve The Mystery of the Missing Bananas while learning about habitats and the ways that plants and animals depend on each other in this class.

Standards: 3rd Grade: E&E 4.1.3.D, E&E 4.1.3.F, S&T 3.1.3.A2, R,W,S &L 1.1.3.B, R,W,S&L1.8.3.A 4th Grade: E&E 4.1.4.A,.E&E S4.B.3.1, S4.B.3.2, S&T 3.1.4.A2, E&E 4.1.4.F, R,W,S&L 1.1.4.B, R,W,S&L 1.1.4.C 5th Grade: R,W,S&L 1.1.5.B R,W,S&L 1.1.5.C

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