Phipps recommends:
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Pre-School, Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Stupendous Seeds [PreK-1]

Big seeds, tiny seeds, spiky seeds and pretty seeds, explore them all in this exciting program! Students will get to dissect a seed in order to explore its parts and become a seed by acting out its seasonal life cycle in a fun seed play.

Pre-K: 9.1b.1, 3.1a.1, 3.1a.3, 3.1a.5, 3.1a.9, 3.1b.2, 3.4c.1, 4.6
Kindergarten: 3.1a.1, 3.1a.3, 3.1a.5, 4.6

Worms: Our Composting Friends [PreK-5]

Meet our worms! Students will get to conduct a hands-on investigation to find out how a worm lives, eats, and moves. Using a worm composting unit, the class will explore the ingredients that make up a worm’s home, and the healthy soil that they create!

PreK: 3.1a.5, 3.1a.8, 3.1a.9, 3.3a.2, 3.4c.1
Kindergarten: 3.1a.5, 3.1a.9, 3.3a.1 E&E 4.2.4.A,
E&E 4.2.4.B, E&E 4.2.4.D, E&E 4.3.4.A, E&E 4.3.4.C, E&E 4.6.4.A
S&T 3.1.3-4.A2, 3.1.4.A5, 3.3.3.A1

Recycle Your Lunch [PreK-8th]

Enjoy a picnic at Phipps while learning the importance of reducing waste. When groups are finished eating, students will get a chance to practice their new knowledge by separating their lunch leftovers into recycling, compost and trash bins.

PreK: 4.2, 4.3, 4.9
Kindergarten: 4.3, 4.9
E&E 4.8.4.C, 4.8.7.C, 4.8.4.D
S&T 3.4.3-5.B2

Tropical Treasures [PreK-8th]

Come discover the gifts that the rainforest provides, from chocolate and mangoes to rubber, chewing gum, and medicines! During this program, students will get a close- up view of rainforest plants and discover the treasures they produce.

PreK: 3.1a.1, 3.1a.5, 4.9
Kindergarten: 3.1a.1, 3.1a.5, 3.1a.8, 4.2, 4.4, 4.9 E&E 4.2.7.A, E&E 4.2.4.B, E&E 4.2.4.C, E&E 4.4.4.C, E&E 4.6.4.A, E&E 4.6.7.A, E&E 4.8.4.C STE 3.1.3.C1, STE 3.3.3.A5

Butterflies [K-5th]

Come to Phipps to learn about caterpillars and butterflies! Moving through the lifecycle from egg to butterfly, this class will explore anatomy, metamorphosis, and the amazing ways that butterflies protect themselves from predators.

Kindergarten: 3.1a.1, 3.1a.3, 3.1a.5, 4.6 E&E 4.6.4.A, E&E 4.7.4.A, E&E 4.7.4.B S&T 3.1.3-4.A2, S&T 3.1.3-4.A3, S&T 3.1.3-4.C2

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