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The Fairchild Challenge

In 2008 Phipps Conservatory became a satellite partner for The Fairchild Challenge, a multidisciplinary, standards-based, environmental education program designed and initiated at the Fairchild Tropical and Botanic Garden in Miami, Florida.

The Fairchild ChallengeThe Fairchild Challenge fosters interest in the environment by encouraging teenagers to
appreciate the beauty and value of nature,
develop critical-thinking skills,
understand the need for conservation and biodiversity,
tap community resources,
become actively engaged citizens, and
recognize that individuals do indeed make a difference.

The Fairchild Challenge encourages high school students to investigate, devise imaginative and effective responses, and to take action at many levels on environmental issues through a menu of Challenges. Each Challenge option is designed to appeal to a broad range of students with varying interests and abilities by incorporating visual, literary and performing arts, research, and community action.

The Fairchild Challenge Blog Each school is competing for The Fairchild Challenge at Phipps Award and the chance to win $3,200 worth of prizes for their schools' science and environmental programs. For more information about getting your high school involved, call Kate Borger, High School Program Coordinator, at 412-441-4442 x3905 or email us at

Information for Teachers and Students

Register to participate in the Fairchild Challenge at Phipps or learn about the unique challenge options through the following downloadable documents. To find out more about option requirements and program policies, visit the blog.


Funded by the Grable Foundation and Pennsylvania's Education Improvement Tax Credit Program