Phipps recommends:
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Welcome to one of America's Greenest Public Gardens

Join Phipps as it leads the way to a more sustainable future through dynamic exhibits, engaging educational opportunities and a revolutionary new green building project, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

Tree-Free Media Kit 2012

Construction of one of the world's first living buildings is one of many groundbreaking stories unfolding at Phipps.

Phipps and Pittsburgh's
G-20 Summit

It was a garden party of historic proportions. Not only was a President of the United States visiting Phipps for the first time, so were the heads of state of twenty of the world’s most powerful economies.

Join with Phipps in creating a sustainable Pittsburgh

Phipps launched Project Green Heart to inform and inspire others to greater environmental stewardship. Learn how you can help build a more sustainable relationship with the environment.

Top 10 Sustainable Plants

Top Ten Sustainable Plants

Learn how sustainable and native plants can save money and planet Earth.